Savina's Story

Savina is the third and the youngest of our children. She has cerebral palsy. She’s a sassy, smart little girl and wants to do everything a 7-year-old would do: make slime, go to the park, even go to the grocery store. But her body is where she’s affected the most. She can’t sit or stand on her own and she uses a manual wheelchair to get around. As she continues to grow, she will move to using a powered wheelchair soon.  


It got to the point where I couldn’t take her anywhere independently and going out into the community slowed down a lot. We needed to bite the bullet on a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  


Purchasing this van was super daunting—it’s like buying two cars. You have to buy the vehicle and then pay for the conversion. We reached out to friends with the hopes that someone might know of a charitable organization who could provide resources or help. One of our friends quickly mentioned that Suffolk could be a resource. After completing the application, we received notice shortly thereafter that Suffolk’s Giving Circle would and could help us. We were over the moon when the Giving Circle let us know the organization would pay for the wheelchair conversion.


With the generosity of the Giving Circle, this vehicle has given Savina the ability to go virtually anywhere. She now has the freedom to go to all the places she wants to go—like the mall of course! This is what she needed. She wants to be independent. You want to see her do everything on her own, but she needs the world brought to her because she can’t do it herself.   


You helped bring the world to her. You made an impact on our lives and you made a difference for a local family, right here in the Boston area. We are forever blessed and grateful.