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The Giving Circle isn’t a typical nonprofit.

We’re here to help people in their most vulnerable moments—whatever their needs are. With everything happening in the world today, these moments of struggle are happening more and more. The Giving Circle wants to make sure we can find ways to support
those in need, and we’re hoping you can help.

In their own words: Stories from our friends, family, and partners 

Empowering a child to
live her life to the fullest

Helping a friend facing

rare stage 4 cancer

Rebuilding a trade partner's home
after a fire


The Giving Circle is Suffolk's employee-driven nonprofit, run by volunteers and dedicated to providing financial assistance to those with Suffolk connections who are facing unforeseen 
personal hardship. That includes Suffolk and Liberty
employees, trade partners, clients
and their friends and family. 

We know that hardships come in all shapes and sizes, so we strive to meet a wide range of needs that might not fit into a traditional philanthropic bucket. Employee payroll deductions and fundraising events fuel our ability to support those in need; this year, without the chance to meet in person for these events, we’re depending on our larger circle for help.

We know that there are so many worthy causes this year, but we hope you consider supporting the Giving Circle and our neighbors who are in need.


Thank you!