How to Apply

STEP 1:   Submit an Application

  • Fill out our online application, for yourself or for an individual/family in need

  • Suffolk and Liberty employees, trade partners, clients, as well as close friends and family are all eligible for support from the Giving Circle

  • Eligible causes include major accidents, life challenges, or natural disasters

Please note:
We cannot support fundraising events, mission trips, youth sports teams, long-term support, litigation fees, funeral expenses, and other items deemed inappropriate by the Giving Circle board.

STEP 2:   Board Review

Our board of employee volunteers reviews each case individually. In certain cases, we may reach out to the applicant for additional necessary documentation/information.​

Assuming we've received all necessary documentation, we will conclude the review of your case within two weeks of submission.

All applications are confidential. The Giving Circle board does not see any names of applicants and/or recipients.

STEP 3:   Payment Sent

Once our board approves your application, we will submit all payments as soon as possible. Please note that we do not write personal checks to individuals. 

All payments are paid directly to vendors to help you during a time of need
(e.g. medical bills, home repairs, mortgage payments, etc)